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This ministry has a great potential for growth, but we  need continuing donations.  You can support the TaBL ministry of About-Face Missions by sending a donation to AFM Ministries, designated "TaBL" or "Tracts" or "Bible  Lessons".  It can be a one-time donation, or you can set  up recurring donations.  See for details.

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The cost of 100 tracts is $0.80 in the Philippines and is $0.78 in Kenya.  Reports suggest that on average, three to four priceless souls are saved for every 100 tracts, that is, for less than one dollar.  Of course. souls cannot be bought for money -- the price of our salvation was the  suffering and death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  But God needs people to deliver the Gospel so that people can be saved. (Romans 10:13-17)  Hundreds of volunteers are  delivering these tracts, but don't have the money to buy or print the tracts, and are continually askiing for more  tracts.  Your donations are needed, and the "four  priceless souls for less than one dollar" estimate shows that your money will be well spent -- an enormous bargain  from a spiritual viewpoint.

The cost of teaching a series of lessons such as John or Acts varies, but is about $50 for a typical class of 20 students and the teacher.  This includes the printing of lessons, notes, answers, score and attendance records, etc. and accessories such as labels, stapels, and file  folders.

Some students walk as much as an hour to get to the classroom, and again to walk home; or those with  motorbikes make several trips to pick up students that need a ride.  So classes are scheduled for the middle of  the day.  This means that the teaching is interrupted for a mid-day meal; and often financial help is needed for a simple meal such as rice and beans.

Classes are typically held once a week, with occasional  interruptions for a community event such as a funeral.  It takes about four or five months to complete a lesson  series, and the students look forward to graduation and a celebration of their acheivement, where each student and  teacher gets a beautiful certificate.  Where there are several classes in a small region and in one year, we combine all the graduations in one big celebration.
DISCIPLESHIP: The second objective of AFM's TaBL ministry is to provide Bible teaching materials via the Internet to indigenous pastors in impoverished areas, for their own training and for teaching others, especially those pastors that lack the resources for conventional Bible training methods.    Pastors in various countries come to this website to download lesson files.  Click the 'Lessons' button above to learn more or to download lesson files.
TaBL - Tracts and Bible Lessons
the evangelism and discipleship ministry of AFM
EVANGELISM: The first objective of AFM's TaBL ministry is to provide Gospel tracts via the Internet to indigenous pastors and evangelists, for their evangelistic efforts, which often leads to church planting.  They are encouraged to follow up with discipleship, and are also provided with "Response Record" forms to identify those with positive responses.  A few pastors have volunteered to print tracts for other pastors, and we provide funds for them to buy printers, paper, and ink.  Pastors in various countries come to this website to download tract files.  Click the 'Tracts' button above to learn more or to download tract files.