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The main source of our Bible lessons are those written by Donna Clark for her Friday morning classes, on her class website. The lessons generally have sections that begin "Read.." (Bible passage), followed by questions about the Bible passage, with blank spaces for the answers.  The questions are designed to encourage the student to search and find out what the Bible is saying.

These lessons are being converted to a format that provides spaces for answer scores and student numbers as well as for answers to the questions.  Then they are uploaded here, with answers and notes to help the teachers.  These can be viewed online or downloaded and printed. 

Some of the first lessons are formatted to allow answers to be entered online and returned to  This avoids the need to download and print the lessons and to write the answers by hand.  This helps new teachers to get started before getting a printer.

The lessons are being machine-translated into Cebuano (Visaya)  for pastors in the Philippines, and into Swahili for pastors in Kenya; and one Pakistani pastor has translated some of the lessons into Urdu.  Most of the classes have a mixture of students with varying English skills, so bilingual lessons that also include English are provided.  Also, many of the students want to learn English better, so this also helps them to learn English while learning the Bible.  The teachers need to know English well, and are invited to improve the translations.

We also provide other documents such as forms to register new students, spreadsheets to record attendance and lesson scores (with automatic calculations such at totalling attendance and averaging scores), and certificates for students that complete a course of study.

Classes begin with a few fundamental lessons on salvation, how to understand the Bible, and the deity of Christ, then start the first lessons series on the Gospel of John.  The next lesson series are the Acts of the Apostle, then Paul's epistle to the Romans.

Here are some teaching aids:

Lessons imported from the SHARON class website, and more:

Other materials for evangelism, discipleship, and Bible study are also hosted here.

The translation tools that we use to translate lessons and tracts to other languages are explained here.  We welcome volunteers to help us do translations, or transcribe handwritten lesson notes.  For volunteer transcription, see Note_Scans.  For volunteer improvement of machine Swahili translations, see Swahili/DOC.  If you would like to help, see the contact list below.

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The objective of Sharon Bible School is to provide Bible teaching materials via the Internet to indigenous pastors in impoverished areas, for their own training and for teaching others, especially those pastors that lack the resources for conventional Bible training methods.
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