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In November 2018, the total tracts went over one million, and in May 2021, the total went over three million tracts!  Then the Chinese Virus came, resulting in restrictions that prevented sending tract funds to overseas pastors and evamgelists for about three and a half months, but the ministry has since recovered.

The rate of tract distribution grew with demand until the end of 2018. Since then, the rate has been limited by funds, remaining at 2250 (plus or minus 600) average tracts/day.

Here are the current numbers:


tracts printed and distributed since June of 2015,
except about 2 or 3 boxes currently in progress.


boxes printed and distributed since June of 2015
(Each box holds 5,000 tracts.)


average boxes/day


average tracts/year


average boxes/year


average seconds/tract (how often a tract is distributed, on average.


tract files available for download


churches distributing the tracts


pastors & evangelists distributing the tracts


last updated

Picture it:

In September of 2017, we looked for the biggest pile of boxes of printer paper that we could find, and found this pile of 62 boxes, which was nearly the number of boxes of tracts printed at that time.

But now, the total number of boxes of tracts printed and distributed since June of 2015 is 10.52 times the size of the pile shown here.

We now average 3.02 times this pile in a year.

When we took this photo, pastors were using boxes of ten reams each, with 500 full-size tracts per ream. Over time, pastors preferred half-size tracts (1000 tracts per ream) and boxes of five reams. So now the boxes are smaller than in this photo, but are still 5000 tracts per box as before.


The following graph shows the rate of tract distribution increasing faster and faster until the year 2019, then remaining near 2500 tracts per day thereafter.  This is because before 2019, tract distribution was keeping up with increasing demand as more pastors learned about the availability of the tracts; but at the beginning in 2019, the rate became limited by available funding.  Since then, we have had a waiting list of requests for tracts, and pastors have had to share the available funds, receiving less tracts than they would like.

Languages and Countries

These are mostly printed in Cebuano, English, French, Swahili, and Luo, and mostly distributed in Kenya, The Gambia, and southern Philippines (Mindanao).  Distribution in Pakistan (Urdu) was stopped because of persecution.  New areas are Tanzania, Uganda, central Philippines, and Senegal. 

Places where the tracts are distributed

Click on a country name to see an interactive map:


This ministry has a great potential for growth, but we need continuing donations. There are multiple ways to donate. For details, see

The cost of 100 tracts is $0.90 in the Philippines and is $0.78 in Kenya.  Reports suggest that on average, three to four priceless souls are saved for every 100 tracts, that is, for less than one dollar.  Of course. souls cannot be bought for money -- the price of our salvation was the suffering and death of Jesus Christ.  But God needs people to deliver the Gospel so that people can be saved.  (Romans 10:13-17)  Hundreds of volunteers are delivering these tracts, but don't have the money to buy or print the tracts.  Your donations are needed, and the "four priceless souls for less than one dollar" estimate shows that your money will be well spent -- an enormous bargain from a spiritual viewpoiut.

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last updated 08/22/21