AFM / SBS Gospel Tracts
Distribution Status


In November 2018, the total tracts went over one million, and in December 2019, the total went over 1.9 million tracts!  At the current rate, the tracts total will reach two million by January 2020.  Here are the current numbers:


tracts printed and distributed since June of 2015, except about 2 or 3 boxes currently in progress.


boxes printed and distributed since June of 2015 (Each box holds 5,000 tracts.)


Average tracts/day (0.52 boxes/day)


Average tracts/year (191.28 boxes/year)


Average seconds/tract (how often a tract is distributed, on average.


tract files available for download


churches distributing the tracts


pastors & evangelists distributing the tracts


last updated

Picture it:

In September of 2017, we looked for the biggest pile of boxes of printer paper that we could find, and found this pile of 62 boxes, which was nearly the number of boxes of tracts printed at that time.

But now, the total number of boxes of tracts printed and distributed since June of 2015 is 6.32 times the size of the pile shown here.

We now average 2.76 times this pile in a year.


The rate of tract distribution has been increasing, but has recently slowed, as indicated by the graph shown here.  This shows the rate of tract distribution increasing faster and faster until the year 2019, then remaining near 2500 tracts per day thereafter.  This is because before 2019, tract distribution was keeping up with increasing demand as more pastors learned about the availability of the tracts; but at the beginning in 2019, the rate became limited by available funding.  Since then, we have had a waiting list of requests for tracts, and pastors have had to share the available funds, receiving less tracts than they would like.

Languages and Countries

These are mostly printed in Cebuano, English, Swahili, and Luo, and mostly distributed in western Kenya and southern Philippines (Mindanao).  Distribution in Pakistan was stopped because of persecution.  New areas are eastern and northwestern Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, central Philippines, and The Gambia (western Africa). 

Pastors that distribute the tracts

The pastors and evangelists listed below lead, or have led, evangelism teams that distribute these tracts.  There are countless others that assist these evangelists.  Please pray for these evangelists and for the readers of these tracts.  Some names are abbreviated for security.  (updated 10/17/19

KEY:     * prints for others     ~ prints his own only 

Absalom Tadayo
Akoko Amoth
Alex Cancamo
Alex Maelo
Alex Mendy
Alice Mwende
Allan Caw-it
Amadou Camara*
Amancio C. Jarmin
Amos Okich
Ann Mwanzia
Ann Wesa
Antonio Pulgo
Archie Taguno
Armel Calunod
Augustine Wanyonyi
Ayubu Manyonge
B.J. Thompson
Barack Omolo
Benjamin Ethuro
Benjamin Oluoch
Benson Oloo
Bishop Jun
Bishop Sam
Bobby Laporre
Boy B. B.
Boy Magayon
Calistus Juma
Calistus Wabwile
Calvin Mdanje
Caroline Akinyi
Charles Kitile
Charles Oduol
Chris Sakimwa
Chrispin Omondi
Christopher Ainea
Christopher H. Hapon
Christopher Samonte~
Christopher Taabu
Danilo Tagacay
David Ingavo
David Mendy

Dembo Camara
Denis Oloo
Dennis Otieno
Deo P. Dinas
Dismas Wanjala
Edith Mthoni
Eliasaro Nyamongo
Elijah Kamau
Elijah Masai
Erick Omwanda
Evangelist Jabal
Evangelist Shem
Evans Mnyasi
Faridah Onyango
Frankly Gomez
George Orriawo
George Owele
George Owino
Gerardo Matunog
Gerwin F. Tinago
Glen O. Lingap
Godfrey Barasa
Habib Sowe
Isaac Juma
Jackson Olonga
James Mwiruri
James Wamalwa
James Waweru
Japheth Oulo
Jay Lumangcad
Jay-ar C. Capadngan
Jeremiah Maina
Jesse Dalina
Jing S. Lipao-pao
Joe Emanuel
Joel Okech
Joenes Omondi
Joey C. Lacson
Johans Gomez
John Bass
John Suarez
Joseph Lemuya
Joseph Marinda

Joseph Muyangu
Joseph P. Hernandez
Jovanie Olita*
Julieto Galuta
Jump Solo
Jun Deloso
Jun Gonzaga
Jun Recto
Junz Jaiwain
Kalumbe Mwaginga
Kennedy Wekesa
Kevin Otieno
Laurence Kisia
Leo D. Galang
Luka Kalua
Lukas Ate
Makina Misikhu
Mariel H. Rodel
Mario Mente
Martin Kiberenge
Martin Mula
Martin Muoka
Martin Mwathe
Martin Shikuku
Martine Ekir
Maurice Makunda
Meshack Magaya
Michael Mtama
Monica Auma
Monica Ayueyo
Moses Mboana
Moses Ndegwa
Moses Wafula
Mourice Emuria
Mourice Muthee
Musa Juma
Musa Muchomba
Nahashion Mwalo
Nelven L. Bortanog
Nestor F. Burtanog
Nicholas Mwoka
Nilo Tumobo
Noel A. Delfin

Noel Calunsag
Noel Dominguez
Noel Fernandez
Norberto Tumagna
Nyagendo Muoka
Olum Oginga
Omuse Mark
Pastor DV~
Pastor Salinas
Pastor Seth
Pastor Z~
Patrick Juma
Patrick Silver
Paul Khisika
Paul Kitui
Paul Onyonka
Peter Ewoi
Peter Makhungu
Peter Mdeku
Peter Mjaka
Peter Mwanzia
Peter Ochieng
Peter Olunga
Philip Abwom
Pius Momanyi
Pius Oloo
Raffy O. Taganile
Randy L. Climaco
Renato C. Jumadil
Renato G. Bolokbolok
Renato G. Robles
Reneboy Montefalcon
Reneboy Waga
Reuben Masoni
Rey Bajado
Rey Banal
Rey Bernardo
Rey L. Duran
Rey N. Mantos
Rhayjy Llegunas
Richard B. Crisologo
Richard Nagwana
Richard O. Ricarte

Robert Epem
Rodel F. Mahusay
Rodel M. Planas
Rodel N. Carrion
Rodelio C. Castor
Roderick G. Lazada
Roel M. Roces
Roel O. Fernandez
Roel O. Tindagin
Roel S.
Rogelio L. Nobles
Roland D. Tarim
Roland L. Ticzon
Rolando Butalid
Rolando Pacong
Romeo G. Antad
Romeo Labongray*
Romy B. Bobongan
Ronal Malack
Ronald G. Suelti
Ronie Ubas
Ronilo Buyog
Rose Kisindai
Rose Mukhwana
Ruth Nyawira
Samson Okum
Samson Omindo
Samuel L. Digang
Samuel Ombucha
Samuel Omugeni
Samuel Opondo
Stanley Kevoga
Stephen Barasa
Stephen Chuanya*
Stephen Muga
Stephen Murivah
Thomas Ekwe
Thomas Muga
Timothy Owino
Titus Jawinyo
Tom Agusa
Wasike Kisaka
William Muge


You can support this tract ministry by sending a donation to About-Face Missions, designated "Tracts".  (See for details).  The cost of 100 tracts is $0.90 in the Philippines and is $0.78 in Kenya.  Reports suggest that on average, three to four priceless souls are saved for every 100 tracts, that is, for less than one dollar.  Of course. souls cannot be bought for money -- the price of our salvation was the suffering and death of Jesus Christ.  But God needs people to deliver the Gospel so that people can be saved.  (Romans 10:13-17)  Hundreds of volunteers are delivering these tracts, but don't have the money to buy or print the tracts.  Your donations are needed, and the "four priceless souls for less than one dollar" estimate shows that your money will be well spent -- an enormous bargain from a spiritual viewpoiut.

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