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Using the AFM Gospel Tracts

This photo shows the full-size tracts in Cebuano, English, Swahili, Urdu, and Luo after they are folded.

The files listed below are not tracts, but documents to assist a tract ministry. 

"Understanding.html" explains the file name format, tract sizes, paper sizes, and special ("blank" and "GodLife") tracts. 

"How_to.html" explains how to save, or print a tract file; or how to cut and fold the paper; or how to add contact information. 

"Evangelism_and_Church_Planting.pdf" is an account by one pastor about how he has used tracts in evangelism and church planting. 

The "prospect slip" and "response record" files are for recording the name and location of each person that needs follow-up because they accepted Christ as Savior or have questions or need prayer for some special reason.  We recommend printing 8 to 10 sheets of response records for each ream of half-size tracts.

The "Folding_Instructions.pdf" file has illustrated instructions for folding and cutting the full-size tracts.  We will update the instructions for the half-size tracts, which are similar, but two tracts are printed on each sheet of paper.  You can print these instructions and give it to those that will do this work. 

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List of Files

Below is a list of files that you can access. Just click on the file name, and you will be able to view the file or to download it.