Understanding the Tract Files

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File Name Format

The tract file names have various parts to indicate information, as illustrated here:

Language indicator:

The language of the tract is indicated by the word for "salvation" in each language in the file name, as follows: 

Salvation – English

Kaluwasan – Cebuano

Wokovu – Swahili

Warruok – Luo

سالویشن Najaat – Urdu

Version indicators:

The version indicator after the language indicator will change to a higher number if the translation is corrected or improved. 

There is no version number after the pastor's name unless the contact information is changed after it is first published. 

Paper size and Tract size indicators:

_A4 - the file is formatted for A4 paper. 

_Le or no _A4 - the file is formatted for letter paper. 

_big - a large-print version, which use two sheets of paper for each tract. 

_HS - a Half-Size version, which provides two tracts on each sheet of paper. 

_FS or no indicator - Full-Size (one tract per sheet). 

Pastor's (or evangelist's) name:

Usually, this is the pastor's last name; but sometimes the first name, and sometimes a middle initial is included when needed.  Sometimes it is an evangelist, and sometimes a church name or location is used.  Special tracts have "_blank" or "_form" or "_GodLife" here instead of a pastor's name -- see Special tracts below.

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Tract Sizes

"Full-Size" tracts:

These are formatted so that each tract uses one sheet of paper in landscape mode, which is "tri-folded".  That is, the sheet is folded in thirds, making six panels showing six columns of text, like six pages.  The bottom margin of the paper is larger than needed, so most of the bottom margin is cut off and discarded. 

"Big" tracts:

These are a large-print version, which use two sheets of paper for each tract instead of one sheet.  The two sheets are folded in half to make an eight-page booklet. 

"Half-Size" tracts:

These are formatted so that you can print two tracts on one sheet of paper.  So for the same money, you can print twice as many tracts.  (The print is not too small for young eyes, but old people may need the full size tracts, or even the 'big' tracts.)  Each sheet is printed in portrait mode on both sides.  The top of the sheet is one tract, and the bottom is another tract, so the sheet is cut in half.  (There is no extra margin to cut off.)  If you don't have a paper cutter, you can fold the sheet in half and use a knife to cut at the fold.  Each half-sheet is tri-folded the same way as a full-size tract.  Optionally, the paper can be cut in half after it is folded in thirds. 

The half-size tracts have a smaller margin (only 0.18 inch), which may be too small for some printers.  If your tracts are missing some letters near the edge, you may need to set your printer to a "borderless" mode. 

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Paper Sizes

Letter size: 8.5 x 11.0 inch

A4 size: 210 x 297 mm or 8.27 x 11.69 inch

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Special Tracts

"_form" tracts:

There is a box-enclosed area on the back of each tract for contact information, beginning with the words "for more information, visit" (or the equivalent in other languages).  For files with "_form" in the file name, this box has no contact information, but you can add your own information before printing it.  (For HS tracts, the information appears twice, but you only need to do one.)  For help customizing a tract with your church information, email Jim Clark: 

"_blank" tracts:

For files with "_blank" in the file name, this box is blank (has no contact information) and adding information requires special, expensive software,  These tracts are preferred by evangelists who want to remain anonymous for reasons of security.

The other files have contact information for various pastors, with the pastor's name replacing "blank" in the file name. 

"_GodLife" tracts:

For use with travelers, such as tourists, that you will not be able to visit for discipleship, we suggest that you use a tract with "GodLife" in the filename.  Instead of referring the reader to your church or pastor, these tracts refer the reader to http://godlife.com, a website with evangelistic and discipling resources, sponsored by Global Media Outreach.

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the Gospel Cards, business-card-sized "mini-tracts". Also, the "Lessons for Muslims" present the Gospel to Muslims,

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