Previous testimony of Pastor Stephen Chuanya

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Testimony of Pastor Christopher Samonte

My own experience and testimony, with my wife Lorna.

When the Sharon Bible School came to our church, it was such a great blessing for all the leaders, and my heart's desire was granted by God.  It is a big blessing to connect and communicate to Sir Jim Clark and his wife Ma'am Donna, as they accepted me heartily.  We are blessed and learning new things in the book of John from lesson one up to 7.  The questions are not easy to answer, but because of the preview and the notes, it is really a help to all the students.  This year 2013, we are now reaching my friend Ptr. Leonedes Baculio in the New Wine Skin Church to have a class in his church every Wednesday and with his 5 leaders.  It's really a big blessing to me and the Center Church and the Landfill Church.  Together, we will achieve more in this year 2013, a year of the harvest and increase. 

Postscript (April 2015): When Pastor Samonte first started with Sharon Bible School, he had two churches.  Now he has four churches, plus a ministry headquarters and fellowship center, his feeding ministries, jail ministry, and two radio programs.  Pastors Leonedes Baculio and Jong Macaltao are leading two of these churches.  There are 40 Sharon Bible School students in the four churches as follows:

Christ Redeemer Church (Center)10 students

Christ Spirit-filled Church (Landfill)15 students

Golden Church10 students

Destined to Win Church5 students

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Testimony of Jong Macaltao

Knowing about God is the best thing I ever found, and meeting God alone is the best relationship that I ever experienced.

My mother give me a Bible when I left home back in 1993, bound for Manila to seek for a job there.  I prayed without opening and knowing the Bible until I was hired and start to work on board a vessel crossing wide oceans with that book.  I always carried it in my bag without reading it, and without letting others know that I had it.  In 1997, I had it with me past 12 midnight and I looked at it and thought, why did I never try to open that book in four consecutive years?  It still looked new, covered by a plastic cellophane, until I opened it in that very moment and wondered what it’s all about.

Wheww, it’s the best I ever got!  What I found was myself as I read Galatians 5:19-21,  I closed the book and picked up my cigarettes, and headed outside at past midnight in the main deck of the vessel.  I’m sitting there while the vessel is in the middle of the ocean, sighing, and I said to myself, “It is better for me not to read it.  I’ve done a lot of sin.”  I decided to read it later after I’d finished smoking, hoping that I can find some verse in there saying that what I have done is just all right and I can still continue doing the same thing.  But sad to know, there's nothing I’ve found written something like that.  All I’ve got to do is to leave that kind of life, repent and accept my Lord God Jesus Christ as my personal Savior.  It’s the "only way, the truth and the life.”

I started to join Bible studies with my Pastor and with Bible study leaders in Cagayan de Oro City back in 2007.  And I continued reading until today, assisting the ministry, concentrating here in El Salvador City with another Pastor.  I thank God he introduced to us “Sharon Bible School”, for that is what I was praying to Him for, the answers to the questions asked by others and myself.  Being a student of “Sharon Bible School” is a gift and a blessing to us.  May the Living God guide and be with us always through His Son, in Jesus Christ's name.  Amen.

Postscript (April 2015): Jong Macalltao, one of the first students, has translated many of the lessons into Cebuano (Bisaya) and now pastors one of the extension churches.

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Testimony of Kennedy Simiyu

I was born in Tulumba village, which is in Bungoma, Western Kenya.  This is one of the most remote villages.  Before I was saved, I lived a life which was miserable and without hope.  This life did not please God, but to me it was good.  One day, I was struck down with a very deadly disease whereby I was unable to eat or speak any word, since the disease affected my throat.

One day, as my parents and relatives had given up and lost hope for my life, there was a conference in a nearby village, and preachers were moving from house to house evangelizing.  They came to my room where I lay very sick.  The pastor and evangelists tried to talk to my family about my life, and they prayed for me.  By God’s grace, I was healed, and I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior.  My life changed, and I began to go to the fellowship of the same church.

After two years, I decided to join the Christian Bible School, which is about two hours from my home town.  I continued steadily, and after two years, God called me into ministry, and I began the first church from that time.  God has been faithful, and we have planted some other churches, baptized many people, and discipled more, for building the Body of Christ.

My prayer is that God may enable me to serve Him all the days of my life, and to reach lost souls for His kingdom before the second coming of Christ. 

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Testimony of Godfrey Barasa Wanyonyi

I was born in one of the poorest villages here in Bungoma in Western Kenya. In most of my life, I struggled to survive, since my parents had passed away. I grew up as an orphan and life did not favor me at any time.

i was involved in child employment in order to raise support for my younger brothers and sisters. Many people mistreated me and I lived a very painful life in the eyes of many who saw me during that time, although no one bothered to help me or my family.

This made me look for employment at the side of Lake Victoria, to do some fishing there. Life there was not easy, since I was a new person in the area. We went in the lake for fishing during the night until morning, and most of the time came out with nothing.

One evening as I was going to my daily duty, I met with three people who were going home from a crusade. They greeted me and talked to me about Jesus. I listened carefully and was inspired by what they shared with me. They told me about the love of Christ and why He died for me on the cross.

After this, they requested to pray for me, then we left one another. I went to the lake for fishing as usual, but this was a different day in my life. God helped us to catch a total of 20 kg of fish, which we had never caught before.

The following day, after I sold my fish, I decided to go back home to our loved family. This made me to make a decision to follow Christ and give Him my heart.

My life changed, and I felt peace and joy in my life, and I shared with my brothers and sisters too about the love of Christ for us.

I joined one of the churches in my village, where we were taught the Word of God unto growth. This was due to a great spiritual growth I had in my heart.

After this, I was taken to one of the Bible teaching centers in Kampala, Uganda for two years. After completing the studies, I was welcomed back home with my family and church.

After my studies, I served with my pastor for six good years before I was called to plant the first church where God directed me. Since then, God has helped me to obey this calling until today, as we have so far planted several churches. Amen.

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Testimony of Pastor Chuanya of Eldoret, Kenya (1)

Pastor Chuanya has been printing tracts for himself and for other pastors in Kenya, and he has translated the tract into the Luo language.  He often speaks at large meetings where he meets other pastors, preaches the Gospel, and distributes tracts.  Here are some of his reports about his work with other pastors:

"Kisumu meetings ended well.  We thank the Lord for many souls which were saved through the crusades and revival meetings, and door to door or person to person evangelism with good tools which are the tracts from brother James, the Sharon Bible tracts."

"Pst. Mtama visited my church to appreciate the Sharon Bible Tracts mission, on the printing of the tracts, of which he say [they] have given the Church a good and easy work to proclaim the gospel of salvation through the death of our Lord Jesus Christ.  They have used them for person to person [evangelism] of which some people have joined his church as members.  He was requesting if he can get more [tracts] to continue with the Evangelical progress.  God bless the donors and the Sharon Bible Tract missions, mostly our beloved brother James Clark whom God gave this vision and burden for the lost souls."

"...many pastors that I have visited have great testimonies on these tracts.  Members are added to their churches, and even many are calling them and me for counseling and request of prayer and so on.  I have directed many [tracts] to various pastors and churches as they call me from far!  And I thank Jehovah God of Israel for you and the entire ministry as a whole."

See also a pictorial report of Pastor Chuanya's ministry.

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Testimony of Jim Clark

Others: Labongray  Camara  Sowe  Chuanya(2)  Samonte  
Macalto   Simiyu   Wanyonyi   Chuanya(1)

Testimony of Pastor Romeo Labongray

I am brother Romeo, the pastor of Freedom Baptist Church here in Mindanao, Philippines.  I got saved on Sept. 14, 1990 through the preaching of salvation by grace alone through faith.

I was lost before I found Christ as my personal Saviour.  I had many vices, even my mother thinking that I lived in the jail because of bad character.  But in love somebody told me about God and I decided that I will.make Christ my personal Saviour and Lord of my life.

Sharon Bible School is a big blessing, specially in discipling new converts to Christ.  And it is a big blessing to the churches by helping churches in their needs of Gospel tracts.  The gospel tracts are used for reaching the lost and bringing them to Christ.  We started in one language and now the gospel tracts are available in many different languages. 

I thank God for the Sharon Bible.School for teaching the young men how to serve the Lord.  I believe the Sharon Bible School is used of God.  We to ask your prayers and support to help this ministry to supply the needs of the mission field.  Many missionaries need Sharon Bible School for training new believers in the ministry.of God.

There many ways that you can help in the Sharon Bible School.

May God bless us all.

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Testimony of evangelist Amadou Camara

My name is Amadou Camara, 36 yrs of age.  I was born and raised in The Gambia.  I live in a small village call Manduar near the biggest town [Serrekunda] in The Gambia.  I’m staying with my mom and daughter.  I was born as a Christian but 95% of our population are Muslims.  It’s a secular country where all religions are equal [in rights].

Sometime in 2017 is when I met with Father Jim though the blessing of the Lord.  It was really difficult for us to practice our faith, but through the connection of our Lord, Father Jim come up with this tract ministry called The Gambia Tract Project (GTP) which set light to the lives of thousands of people across the country.  Father has been very supportive to the ministry and I believe he does the same in other countries as well.  The Lord worked through Father Jim to set light in my life and many other peoples. 

The tracts ministry is a school for many people, and we have branches where we have active brothers like Habib [Sowe] and Modou [Cham] who are working so hard to help the ministry achieve the goal.  [Habib and Modou are north of the Gambia River, and Amadou is on the south side.]  Thanks to the Lord for helping us to build this foundation through Father Jim.  We all pray for you to live long and enjoy the beautiful fruits of life that you really worked for and you set a great legacy.  We have never seen you in real life but through the love of God we see everyday and I believe we will all see each other in Heaven and shall be there for ever.  In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

We had few difficulties in the ministry at the beginning, but now it is different because since the printer broke the work is getting slow.  We used to distribute the tracts to many churches, but now it’s just limited to few due to the lack of printer, and I wish and pray that the Lord will work through a very good believer to help us with a printer.  In the mighty name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.

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Testimony of evangelist Habib Sowe

My name is Habib Sowe.  I was raised in a small community in The Gambia called Nuimi.  I had eight siblings.  I was the oldest among all.  My mom and dad were both Christians, so it was just our custom on Sunday morning to get up and get ourselves prepared for service at a church about 1 km distance, since that in our country, 95% of the population are not Christians. Once arriving at the church, we head off to Bible lessons for the kids.  At the church where we went, Sunday was when they divided you down by age groups and someone would come in to teach you the Bible. 

I remember one Sunday morning when the pastor came to our group’s class and he asked us, “How many of you are not Christians?”  For the first time in my life, I suddenly realized that I was not a Christian, even though I had been raised in a Christian home and had been in church all of my life.  I raised my hand in that department, so he stood there and talked to us about becoming Christians.  I do not remember most of what it was that the preacher had to say that day, but I’ve heard it said many times after that, and I know that the essence of his message was this: God created man to have fellowship with him, but man had broken that close relationship with God and chose to go his own way.  Fellowship with God was broken, but he continued to love us.  I remember looking to another boy standing next to me, and he said, “I’m going.”  I said, “I am too,” and I walked down there.  As best I knew how that day, as I prayed with that preacher, I asked Christ to come into my life.

When I was in university, I came to a point where I doubted that experience because I had not been living my life seriously for God.   As best as I knew how to, I decided to ask Christ into my life again.  Later on, I realized that I had probably been a Christian ever since that day at church when I was little, but I had now become very close and intimate in my relationship with God.  Now, one of my biggest joys is simply telling people about what Christ did for me and teaching other Christians to do the same.  Later, due to financial constraints, I was unable to finish my studies and I was dropped out.

Then I started attending sermons and later went to my late mentor (Pastor Mandu) who was a lecturer and while I was with him teaching me the study of the Bible, I was helping him clean his room and the place where we do our Bible studies with other people.

As soon as I met with Amadou [Camara] and he explained to me about the printing of tracts, I quickly volunteered to join the Sharon Bible School ministry.  I started printing tracts and started doing what I always yearned for since leaving university, that is, calling people to Christianity.

My life changed afterwards.  I met with a group of people while on distribution of the tracts which are now my partners.  Since then I have distributed tracts in two countries (Gambia and Senegal) and reaching more than 100 churches in both countries. We have distributed the tracts to schools, and now our female evangelist (Nana) even encouraged the principal of their school to conduct moral lesson classes designated only on Wednesday at their school.

Sharon Bible gave me a lot of opportunities.  Among them is to print and distribute tracts, and every year we organize an annual conference to get up to date.  We will be happy and glad to print as many reams as possible to distribute the message of God.

Our ongoing works are listed below.  (but it’s now at a standstill)
1. Bible distribution
(More than 100 newly converted Christians need Bibles.)
2. Our upcoming conference
3. Tracts distribution to continue

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Testimony of Pastor Stephen Chuanya (2)

I am Stephen  Chuanya, born in Kenya, Africa.  For the truth on my youth season I was a drunkard and didn't know God, though  I was attending church  service at ACK [Anglican Church of Kenya].  My life was so desperate and I didn't even have a good reputation with my parents.  In 1999 I happened to hear about God who restores, who saves, and who changes life, by a preacher named Kibe in a crusade.

That is when the spirit of the Lord spoke to my life and I decided  to give my life to Jesus Christ.  I joined the denomination  of Redeemed Gospel Church International under Rev. John Oningo where I matured until I became administrator.  While I was in the church, I was having a burden on how to reach my drunkard colleagues, so I was praying on this burden of evangelism.  I used to preach in open air meetings and door to door evangelism.

After some time my pastor decided to give me a church, and I refused, because I was feeling it will not really give me a chance to move around to reach sinners. 

That's when I went to the mountain for twenty days [there is a mountain in Kenya where people go to pray] and the Lord spoke to me about a ministry that I called Heaven Voice Interdenominational Movement.  I started the movement with like minded friends, but I met a lot of opposition.

Then I asked God what should I do.  That's when I came up starting a ministry named Home of Christ Ambassadors to be a ladder for me to reach out better.  Come 2016, I think, I prayed to God about connections because I had a financial challenge to reach out.  I want to thank God in because after finishing  my theological college in 2014, my approach to the work  of God changed a little bit.  (I am a holder of two diplomas: one on theology and the other on missionary work.)

Now on the day God connected me with brother Jim just through Facebook, I can say it was God who answered  my prayer on my burden of reaching out.  Jim introduced me to the Sharon Bible School tracts for evangelism.  And not only that, he introduced me to another perspective on how to handle the Word of God, and may the Lord bless brother Jim and the team.  We started printing the Sharon tracts in a very small amount and with a lot of difficulties.  [He didn't have a good printer at first.]  Then came a time he asked me if I can manage to translate the tracts in some Kenyan tribal languages.  And being I am a Lou by tribe I managed to translate it into the Lou language,

What I can say on the Sharon Bible tracts mission is that:
    (1) It has changed my approach on handling the Word of God.
    (2) It has built me spiritually and changed my perspective on who Christ is and what life in
         Christ means. 
We have been discussing a lot with Jim, and he has built my inner spiritual life. 

And this has made me to reach many souls in my area and the entire nation.  I have reached even to my neighbouring countries like Uganda and Tanzania.  Right now as I write this, I have recruited  a team called Sharon Tracts Evangelism Mission Team Kenya with  three ministers:
[myself and] one leading the coast region of Kenya and to Tanzania, and the other the western region of Kenya and to Uganda.  I have much to say about this mission that if I had more time I could say much more. 

The fact remains that we have saved a lot of souls and even reached some prisons in in Kenya with the tracts.  We are still in need and the demand for the tracts has grown even more and sometimes it is hard to fulfil all requests due to financial challenges.  Jim bought for us two printers which has saved a lot of expenses that we were spending at first in cybercafes.

He also managed to serve me with a laptop that was a great help on printing issues and communications, but by bad luck I was robbed one night when I was returning from mission  heading home late and they took my laptop, my phone, and some belongings, although I was not hurt.  My request now is a new laptop. 

In conclusion, the Sharon mission has changed my life and expanded my ministry.  The only need I can put across is that we need more printers especially for the Mombasa [eastern, coastal] branch and western region [Busia] branch; that is, two printers and three laptops to make easier our work.  God bless the donors that have been standing with this mission financially and in prayer, and God bless brother Jim and his family.  We in Kenya are praying for you too.  Thank you.

We would like to serve these new stations with enough equipment to serve even our neighbouring countries, as there is a big demand on their sides also.  I wish to do this ministry with all my heart, time, and mind.  And God willing, if we can get an easy means of transportation, first to reach people and second to distribute the tracts on time.  We often need to use public vehicles, which  is a lot of extra expense.

The following map/chart illustrates Pastor Stephen Chuanya's vision of three centers of tract distribution in Kenya, each with a laptop and printer.  For each center, the chart lists the leader, the city of operation, and the region of service.  From Busia, bordering Uganda, service extends westward to Uganda, and from Mombasa, bordering the Indian Ocean, service extends southward to Tanzania.