The Gambia Tract Project team is planning an annual conference for October 1, 2, and 3.  They are inviting hundreds of pastors throughout Gambia, and also from Senegal.  At the opening celebration of the newly renovated church at Gouloumbou, Senegal, hundreds of pastors from Senegal learned about the tract program, and these are also invited to the Gambia Tract Project program.  When people come from afar and stay for three days, they need to be fed; and that is a major part of the conference expenses.  The entire budget of the conference is 37,135 Dalasi, or $791.35.  They need help getting these funds.

Other Needs:

Nana Sumba reports: "The church of Gouloumbou has no sound system.  Please help us." 
A sound system costs ipwards of $70.

Amadou Camara needs a new printer to continue printing tracts.  The old one wore out.  This will cost 42,000 Dalasi, or $895.02.  Those that print tracts need a commercial grade printer, because printers made for home use cannot handle the long hours of printing.

Modou Cham (the one that needed surgery because of his bicycle accident) needs to repair his bicycle so that he can get back to distributing tracts.  The cost for parts and labour is 5,335 Dalasi, or $113.69.

Pastor Romeo in the Philippines, has found where he can buy KJV Bibles, hardbound, at a bargain price, which he wants to give to Christians that have no Bible, that he knows will use them.  He can get 30 Bibles for $140, which is $4.67 per Bible.
Sharon Bible School Report 21-08-21
Gambia Tract Project annual conference & other needs:
Nana Sumba, Amadou Camara, Modou Cham, Pastor Romeo
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