How to Print Booklets
For printing the booklets, set the printer to:
         Color mode: Some booklets have color, but can be printed in black/white or
         gray shades.
         Actual size (no 'fit' or 'shrink')
         Paper size set as appropriate
         Landscape mode
         Print on both sides of paper (2-sided)
         Flip on short edge (short edge binding)

However, if your printer doesn't have a 2-sided mode then use files with _S1 and _S2 in the file name.  First print the _S1 file in landscape mode.  Then, to print the other side of each sheet, put the printed sheets back into the printer, turning the stack of sheets over (keeping the top edge of the text on the same side as before) and print the _S2 file, using the landscape mode again.

Usually the stack of printed sheets can be folded in half as is to form the booklet.  But check the page numbers that the sheets are stacked in the correct order before folding.  Stapling on the fold is optional.  Without stapling at the fold, the booklet may fall apart, but the pages are numbered, so it is not hard to put it back together.

There are four booklet pages for each sheet of paper.

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This page was last updated: September 15, 2021