Scoring System for Bible Lessons

The scoring of Bible lessons will have these components:

  1. Effort scoring -
    The number of blank lines and the number of unanswered questions will be used as a measure of effort, which will be a major part of the final score for the course. The blanks are counted simply because there will normally less blank lines and unanswered questions than filled lines and answered questions, thus less counting to do.
    Blank lines not "bad" -- It is not expected that all the blank lines will be used. Extra lines are provided because sometimes they are needed. If during effort scoring, the scorer sees an obvious attempt to use all the lines (by, for example, putting one word on each line), the scorer should estimate the number blank lines that normally would be left, and count accordingly.

  2. Student scoring -
    Each student will score the lessons of a few of the other students. (The lessons are marked only by student number, not student names.) These scores will be adjusted according to the teacher scores, as explained below. Since each lesson is score by a few students, these score will be averaged in a way that rejects highest and lowest student scores.

  3. Teacher scoring -
    The teachers and teaching assistants will score some of the lessons, chosen randomly. This method will reduce the amount of data that needs to be returned to the teachers, thus reducing computer time. The teacher scores will count more than the student scores.

  4. Score scoring -
    When a teacher scores a lesson, the scores done by any students that scored that same lesson will be compared to the teacher's scores. Extra points are awarded to students that give scores similar to the teacher's scores, because this shows that the student is able to judge well the difference between good and poor answers. These extra points encourage the student to score honestly, not showing favor to other students.

Adjustment of Student Scores:

Some computer mathematics are used to automatically adjust the student scores as follows:

The scoring system is made more effective by random grouping of the students, described separately.