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Lessons on the Acts of the Apostles, in Cebuano (PDF)

The lessons listed below are in a ready-to-print format (PDF). For lessons in DOC format, see the DOC subfolder listed below.

The two-digit number after "ACTS" is the lesson number.

All the lessons have questions with spaces for writing answers, and spaces to write scores.

Files with '_eng' after the lesson number include English.  Files with '_ceb' after the lesson number include Cebuano ('_eng_ceb' for bilingual lessons in English and Cebuano).

The code '_m' indicates a 'machine' (automatic) translation.  If the file is edited to correct errors, the 'm' will be replaced by a version number.

If you see translation errors in a lesson, you can download the lesson from the DOC subfolder and edit it to correct the errors. Please send the corrected file to .

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