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Note Scans

Listed below are photocopies of handwritten notes, lessons with handwritten answers, and other scans. 

These are presented in in the page sequence of the Donna's original notebook, about ten pages per file. 

The file names include both page numbers and lesson numbers.  For example, file Acts_notes16-30_3-4.pdf

includes scan pages 16 to 30, and includes answers for lessons 3 to 4.

Volunteer Transcribers Needed

Volunteers can transcribe the handwritten parts (type the words into a text document, any format) and send the files to .  Then the notes will be arranged and made available as a PDF file. 

After checking and formatting as needed, these will be made available to Sharon Bible School teachers, for more effective teaching.  Your contributions to the ministry is greatly appreciated, and has a heavenly reward. 

List_Only: PDF .

List of Files

Below is a list of files that you can access. Just click on the file name, and you will be able to view the file or to download it.