AFM / SBS Gospel Cards

Business-Card-Sized Mini-Tracts

For the Glory of God and the Salvation of Souls

May be reproduced freely without modification

These mini-tracts are printed the same way as business cards (2 x 3.5 inch).  You can print 10 cards per 8 x 11.5 inch sheet by using the Avery 8876 business card material or something similar.  Because the cards are so small, there is not sufficient space to fully present the Gospel or to describe the way of salvation.  These small cards are only meant to start the reader thinking about his/her relationship to God. 

We suggest that you also leave your personal card or a card with your church information to provide a means of contact for further discussion.  However, some cards have a blank area where you can write your phone number or email address or Facebook ID, etc. 

Also, some cards show the link for getting more information about getting right with God. This website provides an easy-to-understand presentation of the Gospel which leads to a more expanded explanation ( and resources for discipleship and finding a church.  The seeker or new believer can click on a link and get connected to a 'real-time' counselor (they are available 24 hours/day).  To learn how this works, go to

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