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Forms for Starting and Maintaining a School

Below is a list of files that you can access.  Just click on the file name, and you will be able to read the file or to download it.  Some of the files are available in various languages. 

The questionaire_blank.txt file is for those who would like to start and lead a Sharon Bible School.  Replies can be inserted in a copy of the file, then returned.  Instructions are included in the file.  New teachers will also need to study and answer the first five John lessons before starting to teach. 

The Student Application_d.pdf file is for students, including teachers that first do the lessons.  The information can added to a copy of the file, then saved and sent to Jim Clark on Facebook, or to .  Just add the student name or number to the file name.  That way you don't need a printer.  For more information, read How_to_return_PDF_forms.pdf

The Scoring_Guide.pdf file explains the method for scoring answers to the questions asked in the lessons. 

Some of the files are spreadsheets that do automatic calculations, reducing the work to keep records of the students.  For further details on using these spreadsheets, click HERE for a document that you can print.

The Enrollment form can be used to record information about the students from the Student Applications, all in one file.  It automatically:

The Student Attendance form can be used to record attendance.  It automatically:

The Attendance2 form is similar, but is for two meetings per week.

There is a Student Scores form for each lesson in the series.  To find these forms, go the lesson folder such as John or Acts, and select Forms files.  Each form automatically:

Suffixes in the file names mean the following:


PDF form file


Cebuano translation


Swahili translation


Nepali translation


English included (bilingual)


machine translation


human translation (or if no "_m")

List_Only: PDF TXT XLS .


List of Files

Below is a list of files that you can access. Just click on the file name, and you will be able to view the file or to download it.