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Sharon Bible School
International Headquarters
Verona, New Jersey, USA

Jim and Donna Clark
CBFC Sharon Bible School
Christ Blessed Family Church
El Salvador, Philippines

Christopher Samonte
JFM Sharon Bible School
Jesus' Face Missions
Bungoma, Kenya

Calistus Juma,
Stephen Barasa
Pastor Back To School
Freedom Baptist Church
Josefina, Philippines

Romeo Labongray
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Dallas, Texas
(469) 213-0015

Dave Shelton
Jeff Bys
We want to list another Facebook page here, in a special category.  For years, About-Face Missions and Sharon Bible School have supported many of the same pastors and ministries.  With no formal connection beween our ministries, we have  coordinated our efforts and helped one another.  BUT as of April 4, 2016, we have formally joined forces, and now Sharon Bible School is a ministry of About-Face Missions.  Go to the website below to learn about the other ministries of AFM, or visit the Facebook page About-Face Missions to follow the activities.
Come and See. Go and Be
SBS Gospel Tract Ministry
over 1.85 million tracts
printed / distributed in 5 languages: English, Cebuano, Swahili, Luo, and Urdu.

Jim Clark