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Gospel Tracts and Bible Lessons for Evangelism and Discipleship - Our Blog

More Audio Bibles

by Jim Clark on 05/25/20

Sharon Bible School has supplied three Audio Bibles to Pastor John Suarez and his team of indigenous missionaries in southern Philippines, who are evangelizing tribal communities that live deep in the mountains of the Agusan and Bukidnon provinces.  Most of these people are illiterate ... [read more]

Need for 80,000 more tracts

by Jim Clark on 04/17/20

After finishing 50,000 tracts for 25 churches near Masena, Kenya, Sharon Bible School is starting another batch of 52,000 tracts for 26 churches near Lwanda.

Now Pastor Chuanya reports that 10 more churches near Masena, 10 more near Lwanda, and 20 churches near Ugunja are asking for tracts.  He sounded overwehelmed, because that is 40 more churches and 80,000 more tracts!  (Each church gets one ream of English tracts and one ream of Swahili tracts, with their church contact information on the back of each tract.)  That is $624 just for the paper, and probably close to $800 including ink and transportation.

Earlier he said that he was "makiing friends in Nakuru, Homabay, Nyamira, Pokot, and Marakwet", so I anticipate the need for many more tracts in the future.  The need for tracts is expanding, but is limited by availability of funds.

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