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Understanding the Bible

by Jim Clark, based on A Survey of Bible Doctrine, by Charles C. Ryrie

May be reproduced freely without modification

This lesson has been revised and expanded, with more examples.  The new version is now available only in English and Spanish, but we plan to update the translations. 

This lesson is available in English, Cebuano (with English), Urdu, Swahili and Spanish.  (Look for the codes _Eng, _Ceb, _Urd, _Swa, and _Spa in the file names.  English is the default.  Also look for _A4 in the file name if you wish to print on A4 paper.  Letter size is the default.) 

Look for _brochure in the file name for printing in a 3-column format like the tracts, which is meant to fit behind the front cover of a Bible.  But unlike the tracts, each brochure should be Z-folded.  (The edge of the paper looks like a Z.)  The bottom edge of the brochure can be trimmed, if needed, to better fit inside a Bible.

NEW: Look for _booklet in the file name for printing in a 16-page booklet format.  You print it double-sided (flip on short edge) on four sheets of paper, then fold the stack of four sheets in half.  Stapling at the fold is optional.

Some who are distributing Bibles insert this short lesson in the Bibles. 

For those who print tracts for other pastors, we suggest including one copy of this lesson for each ream of tracts, to use for discipleship.

For those teaching Sharon Bible School lessons, we suggest teaching Understanding the Bible before teaching one of the series of lessons published here.

We have added an introductory lesson Searching_for_Truth.pdf which describes three steps in the search for truth -- Understanding the Bible is the third step. 

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